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Updated: May 27, 2019

Get to know the Nerds behind 30 & Nerdy Podcast:

Josh Davis

Prefers: Marvel over DC

Favorite Marvel Hero: Spider-Man / Jean Grey

Favorite Marvel Villain: Magneto / Dark Phoenix

Favorite DC Hero: Nightwing / Wonder Woman

Favorite DC Villain: The Riddler / Poison Ivy

Where the Nerd Began: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Fun Facts: Huge Pops Collection / Tattoo of Ian McKellen's Gandalf on his leg, and has shown Ian said tattoo

Tyler McDaniel

Prefers: DC over Marvel

Favorite DC Hero: Batman / Black Canary

Favorite DC Villain: The Joker / Talia Al Ghul

Favorite Marvel Hero: Wolverine / Rogue

Favorite Marvel Villain: Carnage / Dark Phoenix

Where The Nerd Began: Darkwing Duck

Fun Facts: Owns a life size replica of Mickey Mouse's Keyblade / has eaten dinner with Harrison Ford multiple times

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