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30&Nerdy Podcast began with an idea. We could do what those Mythical Morning guys do...well we can't. We don't have producers and a crew, we don't love editing hours of video content, and well, we don't have the time; what with jobs and families and life....soooo....we aren't doing what they do, but we did start a podcast back in 2019. What started out as a podcast full of our everyday conversations that we would have anyways; became so much more. What was a portal of our wisdom and education; is now a way for us to stay in touch and up to date with the ever growing world of Nerd Culture! 


30&Nerdy is a podcast for Nerds, by Nerds. Created by Josh Davis and Tyler McDaniel; We are here to Entertain, Enlighten, and Educate about all things in the vast Nerdiverse. The wild thing is we even wind up learning new things. While we are not all knowing in aaaaallllll aspects of The Nerdiverse, we will try to lean as much as we can for the content. There's so much out there, and as we said; there is so much that even we have to learn new things.

A little bit about us:

Josh (The Doctor of Nerdonomics, The Juice, Ucey Juicy, JD, The PodFather of 30&Nerdy)  is a theatre teacher in Tennessee. He is more of the Marvel / Star Wars person of the show. He is a Disney shill. Some of his favorite characters include Spider-Man, Gambit, Nightwing, The Riddler, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Josh has a wife and child and he loves playing video games, watching movies, directing plays and musicals, and hanging out with his daughter. 

Tyler (The Duke of Nerds, The Sweet T of The Nerdy South, Tyler Mac, T-Mac, The Rockstar of Rizz)  is The Multi-Media and Content Director at Tennessee Legend Distillery. He is more of the DC / LoTR guy of the show. One hill he will die on is that Disney owns too much. Some of his favorite characters include Batman, Wolverine, Vegeta, The Joker, and Samwise Gamgee. Tyler's biggest passion is being on stage. He has been in over 60 plays or musicals spanning elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and various community theatre companies in East Tennessee with 500+ shows in the professional theater world in Pigeon Forge, TN. 


30 &Nerdy Podcast is a Studio 66 Podcast; brought to you by Tennessee Legend Distillery. We want to thank our sponsors and listeners for allowing us to do this year after year. You can find us on all podcast platforms. If you want to reach out to us, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. So Tune in, Turn Up, NERD UP or SHUT UP! 

Cheers To Ya NERDS!

30&Nerdy Podcast is a founder of The Council of Nerds.

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Look no further! The Rev of Rants is on Instagram @rev_coll3ction and you should follow him in his journey! 

Rev collects many things from POPs to cards and other collectibles and merchandise in between. He's a buyer, a seller, and a fan of all things Nerd Culture. So click on the picture to follow along with him on his vastly growing Instagram account. You never know what you're gonna see!

-Cheers To Ya Nerds-


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