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Nerd of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Nerd

We are not going to make you read through our entire breakdown. After all, that is why you listen. Below are just some points we touched on in the episode.

Why was each member of The Fellowship important?

  • Frodo: Someone has to carry the burden. Proof that even the smallest of people can help.

  • Sam: The unyielding best friend

  • Merry: loyalty, courage, innocence

  • Pippin: loyalty, growth, obliviousness

  • Gandalf: Wisdom, leadership, ancient knowledge

  • Aragorn: bravery, redemption for men, finding his destiny

  • Legolas: loyalty, strategy, protection, insight, scout

  • Gimli: power, loyal to Gandalf in honor of his father,

  • Boromir: men, his duty as the son of Gondor, We see that Aragorn does not want to be king.

Final Thoughts:

Favorite visuals:

-The beauty of The Shire easily.

-Rivendell and the water horses

-The Balrog


-The Last Stand of Boromir

Favorite moments:

-Pippin and Merry with the fireworks

-Samwise Gamgee droppin eves

-It comes in pints?!


-The forming of The Fellowship

-Pippin and Merry with Boromir training

-Fool of a Took

-You Shall Not Pass

-Amon Hen fight


Alex asks "Why didn't The Eagles just take them straight to Mount Doom?

Josh: I don't think they needed that kind of attention. It was meant to be a secret mission.

Megan asks "Is there a better bromance than Legolas and Gimli?

Yes, Josh and Tyler….moving on.

Chase asks "What is your first memory of Lord of the Rings?"

Josh: I remember reading them and seeing them in middle school.

Tyler: I saw the old animated movie in 4th grade.

Tyler Ray asks, “What was the most emotional moment in the movie for you all?”

Tyler: The death of Boromir.

David Horton asks ”Do you think it had an anti-climactic ending? Was there enough of a hook? Or too much of one? In other words, was it a complete movie?” Was there too much CGI?”

Tyler: I thought the hook was successful and left us wanting more all while completing the story.

Josh: I would agree. I also didn't think the CGI was too much. Especially if you saw The Hobbit trilogy.

Darren asks “How much of LOtR influences GoT?”

Tyler: All of it! Without Lord of the Rings, there is no Game of Thrones

Allison asks, “How do you feel about Elijah Wood as Frodo? I personally did not enjoy it.”

Tyler: Frodo was far too pouty and it was just too much. There was no real pride in the character. No apparent will. To me, it seemed more that he was being dragged along because he happened to come into the Ring. There's no drive to him. Of course, it can be argued that this is the way it is in the book as well But nonetheless, I dislike it. Frodo was the least strongest portrayal in the trilogy from book to movie. Sam, Pippin, and Merry were better as hobbit portrayals, in my mind .Frodo showed the burden in the book without being an insufferable pouty, broody, sniveling Punk I think.

Josh: I disagree. I didn't really have a problem with it.

Logan asks “What made you fall In love with Lord of the Rings?”

Josh: The story

Tyler: The Characters

Tyler then asked Josh a very difficult question... "If you had to give up one trilogy? The original Star Wars trilogy or The Lord of The Rings trilogy?"

Josh: I'd give up Star Wars

9 Unknown Facts:

1.) Christopher Lee (Sauroman) is the only cast member who met J.R.R. Tolkein

2.) Christopher Lee originally auditioned for Gandalf

3.) Sean Connery was originally asked to play Gandalf, but declined because he had never read the books.

4.) Stuart Townsand (Dorian Grey from LXG) was originally Aragorn, but sent home due to looking too young and recast with Vigo Mortinson.

5.) Sean Bean (Boromir) was afraid to fly. So he would hike to the higher elevation sets in costume.

6.) Gollum actor Andy Serkis voiced the Black Rider who asks for the location of “Baggins” on arrival in The Shire.

7.) John Reyes Davies (Gimli The Dwarf) is actually the tallest cast member.

8.)The portrait of Bilbo's parents in Bag End is based on Peter Jackson and his wife, who was a producer.

9.)The 9 Fellowship actors got tattoos in honor of the film, except for Gimli. The stunt double for Gimli got the tattoo instead.

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