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"I don't care how many demons he's fought, in how many hells. He's never fought us, not us united."

-Bruce Wayne / Batman-

They insulted me...

A hashtag that started a movement. As Zack Snyder exited the Justice League project due to his daughter's passing, The Nerdiverse was all a buzz. After hearing that Joss Whedon was going to come on to helm the project, reshoot, and finish The Justice League; Nerds all over were initially on board, after his success with Firefly, Avengers, and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. However, what we didn't know is in 2017; we wouldn't feel the same. I remember fondly Joss Whedon's Justice League, aka, The Josstice Cut. It was opening weekend, my buddy Josh and I were excited to see it. However, to our surprise...we were the ONLY PEOPLE IN THE THEATRE! It was opening weekend!

Surely, something was up. Maybe we got the time wrong. Nope...low and was because it sucked. Joss Whedon's knee-capped version of Zack Snyder's vision was watered down, campy swill. The hot garbage that I saw struck a disheartening blow to the DC fan in me, and the child in me that dreamed of seeing his heroes on the big screen one day, in live action. Have I gotten to, yes, but after Avengers hit, it was time for The Justice League do get their moment. When the time fell short. Why? This was the same guy who gave us Avengers. The guy who gave us Firefly. What happened? Why would that guy let it fall flat? Why would WB, the same people who have killed it in The DC Animated world let the team up film of their careers land harder on its face than Kristen Stewart's acting chops? It was a mystery.

I have always known I was a DC Guy. I've tried playing fair, for the most part, but deep down, I am DC Comics more than I am Marvel. To be honest, maybe it's because of the darker tones in DC. I am the polar opposite of the heroes I love and more like the heroes I'm not a fan of. It's odd. The DC guy in me was appalled at this mistake. I was borderline embarrassed for DC fans like myself. Again, I love all comics and all heroes under the different labels, but I almost took it personal. It was a slight against me as a DC Guy, a Nerd, and a slight against the child that grew up and fell in love with this brand.

The movement begins...The voices that rose from the ashes...

Mere months after the flop that was Whedon's Justice League a hashtag was born. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut...

Imagine being Joss Whedon...not just the fanbase, but the actors you just finished working with jump on with the movement. They want to realize Snyder's vision. They want to erase what you just did. I was on board the minute I saw it. Not just because I hate the thought of suits silencing an artist's vision; but I had to hope there was a better version out there. There had to be the thing we all wanted. Well, it just so happens it was. HBO Max gave us what we wanted. On March 18th, we got Zack Snyder's Justice League. A Four hour and two minute spectacular! We finally got to see Zack's vision, and it was beautiful! It was a far better movie in so many ways.

The story was more cohesive, the characters were more detailed, the dialogue was stronger, the moments were less campy, and the CGI was on point! Between the Knightmare scene, more Cyborg, better Flash character moments, strong women empowerment moments, and the black Superman suit; the movie slayed! It was a success! Will there always be trolls and haters...sure. Most the negativity comes from baseless fans and trolls. We got everything we needed. The fans spoke, got it, and have not stopped trying! From #ReleaseTheSnyderCut comes the newest movement #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, and I am on bored even more! The CEO Ann Sarnoff will probable lose her job over it, as a matter of fact. The fans have said what they want, and she has basically said, we don't care. So we will see how that plays out.

What were your thoughts? Let us know #30AndNerdyPod on Twitter and email us at!

Cheers To Ya Nerds

-Tyler Mac-

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