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The Flash (SPOILERS)

Well, the wait is over. At this point, most of anyone that is going to see The Flash have probably seen it. So here are our thoughts on a movie that has been anticipated and almost as polarizing as John Cena has been, in the WWE. There are spoilers ahead, in case you haven't seen it!

The Cast, despite all of Ezra's issues, is very strong. Seeing Keaton, on the big screen, as Batman, in 2023 is why we were there; not to mention the phenomenal performance of Sasha as Supergirl. She was amazing. Seeing multiple versions of Superman, Batman, The Flash, and other DC names was pretty amazing. We finally got to get a glimpse at Nicholas Cage's Superman from the shelved Tim Burton movie. We got to see Batfleck back in action alongside Jeremy Irons's Alfred. We saw Ezra play a few renditions of The Flash, including a Savitar / Black Flash like villain. We also got to see the returns of Michael Shannon, Gal Gadot, Temmura Morrison, and many more shocks and surprises!

No matter what you feel, or where you stand, we do highly recommend giving it a go. After the wait, there are parts of this movie that truly delivers and in some ways, deliver multiversal moments a bit better than Marvel did with Multiverse of Madness. The Explanation of time travel and multiple earths was done very well, and it did well with showing what could happen if it is meddled with. The stakes are high throughout a lot of the movie and some moments have you nervous for their outcomes.

IF this is the absolute final time for Ezra Miller, then that's fine. It leaves with a question, but at the same time, a feeling of not needing more. It's time for the new DCU to begin and for us to give Gunn his moment and opportunity to bring DC back to the forefront of the big screen, as well as, television. No matter what the future holds for DC, in Gunn's hands, we are certain it will be quite a step up from the recent years. However, I will say this...

If you are rooting for the failure of this movie for any reason; no matter if you are a Marvel only person, a SnyderVerse mark, or boycotting against a cast member; YOU are actively going against comic book movies, as a whole. If this movie suffers, all comic book movies suffer. The genre suffers, as a whole, because it can cause movie backers and studios to pull out of the comic book game. It's like wishing ill on AEW because you are a WWE Mark or the other way around. If one succeeds the business succeeds. If one fails, the other suffers. If you are actively trying to cause one domino in the vast world of comic book movies to fail. It will cause the others to fall. Next will be television, books, animated shows, podcasts, then other companies in the genre...Marvel, Image, Valiant, DarkHorse...they all will fall. You can prefer certain things over the other in a healthier manner. Just because you may not like the brand as much as another does not mean you should actively not support or wish ill on things. If one suffers...the others will suffer.

That's what we have to say about that. Give it a try. Support the genre. Change your negative vibes and focus that energy into ways to help the genre. Let us know what you thought of the movie. What were your qualms? What did you like about it? Hit us up in the comments or email us!

Cheers To Ya Nerds

-Tyler Mac-

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