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The Matrix

15 Unknown Facts about The Matrix That Will Make You Question If You Took The Red Pill

  • The Matrix originally started as a comic book. Creators Lana (then known as Larry) and Andy Wachowski created the story as a comic book. They both had written previously for Marvel

  • The unknown city in The Matrix is Sydney,Australia with the street signs names from the Wachowski’s home of Chicago.

  • Though they liked the idea, the studio originally didn’t want The Wachowskis to direct the films.

  • 1994 film Fist of Legend’s choreographer and martial artist Yeun Woo-Ping did all the outlandish fight scenes.

  • Both Will Smith and Nicholas Cage turned down the role of Neo

  • Before Fishburn took the role of Morpheus, it was turned down by Russel Crowe, Samuel L Jackson, and Sean Connery.

  • The Wachowskis had the cast read deep philosophical books like “Simulacra and Simulation,” “Out Of Contrôle,” and “Introducing Evolutionary Paychology.”

  • The filmmakers color coded the movie. Scenes in The Matrix are given a green tint. Scenes in “the real world” were given a blue tint.

  • Hugo Weaving based Agent Smith’s voice on The Wachowskis actual voices.

  • The leads trained intensely for hours every day for four months to perfect their choreography in fight scenes.

  • Keanu Reeves has cervical spine surgery prior to training causing him to wear a neck brace throughout the 4 month training period. This caused some changes like barely letting him kick in the first film.

  • Hugo Weaving had to undergo hip surgery after an injury during fight training. His finished fight scenes were filmed after the movie was done to give him time to heal.

  • Neo and Trinity’s 3 minute lobby shoot out took 10 days to (no pun intended) shoot. The explosions and gunfire were practical effects and not CGI.

  • All the sunglasses were custom made for each character by Blind Designs.

  • Even though it’s been used in many games now, the famous bullet time was conceived specifically for The Matrix movie. It was created by using 120 individual digital still cameras and 2 big film cameras. The still frames were carefully stitched together to create the shot frame by frame.

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