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Gotham Finale

We may discuss the entirety of the series Gotham, but we chose to do a Pod on the finale. Here are a few points we discussed:

  • Huge FanService

  • Enjoyed The Riddler

  • The Penguin was easier to digest in his final form

  • Loved grown up Selena

  • What was with Barbara Keen not being in prison for all the wrong she did?

  • Bullock didn’t change that much in the time jump

  • We enjoyed the mustard Jim being played a little older.

  • There were a lot of “greatest hits“ moments for Batman fans.

  • We suggested it could have all been done in less time. Maybe like each season could have been min series style like Tin Man.

  • Overall, we enjoyed the finale!

  • Josh’s Series Score 2/5 and Tyler’s Series Score 3/5

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