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Season 2 Finale: The Age of The Superhero

Season 2 has come to an end, and it's been a while since I have blogged. I wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about the finale and this past season of 30&Nerdy Podcast.

The final episode of Season 2 was titled The Age of The Superhero. The inspiration for this episode came to me a few months ago while I was watching Jay and Silent Bob Reboot with one of my oldest friends, who was in from the military for a bit. We were talking about superheroes and comic book movies. He had made the statement about the era ending in a few years. I thought he was crazy for saying it, but it got me thinking on how long we had been living in what I like to call The Age of The Superhero. So with that, I started racking my brain on how I wanted to go about it. Finally, I realized that this wasn't a one man problem. So I enlisted Ken M of The Ocho Duro Parlay Hour Podcast and Rev from Brewin Up Rants Podcast to tackle the epic conclusion of Season 2.

The conversations were great. We agreed that while there were moments like the old Superman movies and Batman '89 or Blade and Fox's X-Men, that's just what they were; little moments in Nerdom where superheroes were making a statement. However, when The MCU burst onto the scene with Ironman, we were off to the races. The Age of The Superhero had begun. Ken M talked and Rev both mentioned how it was like the planets had aligned and everything worked out. Disney putting all their capital into one massive universe and building around a normally low B or high C list hero like Ironman; not to mention Robert Downey Jr, paid off in a major way. It's like a small match falling in a room of kerosene tanks. The Age of The Superheroes was born with 3 words...I Am Ironman. After that, you saw a franchise grow beyond predicted proportions, DC go beyond the worlds of Gotham and Metropolis, comic books like The Umbrella Academy and The Boyz become household names, every girl wanting to be Harley Quinn, every guy wanting to sport a Tony Stark beard, every Nerd collection 3 inch dolls, and Nerd Cultre arrive in the mainstream.

We talked about the good and the bad of The Age of The Superhero. Like the life lessons we learn from these stories or the inspiration a character like Steve Rogers can be. However, with the good comes the bad. We talked about oversaturation and copycats or the watering down of stories. One thing that Rev and I discussed was the alignment with the birth of The Social Media Era and The Age of The Superhero. We truly believe that without the birth and growth of social media, The Age of The Superhero is not the juggernaut or as lasting it is. With social media slowly growing, we were opened up to the lives of these heroes. Scarlett Johansson can like your tweet, Ben Affleck can retweet you, or Chris Hemsworth can reply to a Thor picture you tagged him in. So with that, it drives our connection to these heroes; and in turn, drives us to their movies and comics and memorabilia. Without The Social Media Era, we may not have The Age of The Superhero that we are in the height of.

The conversations were great. It was an amazing episode to end an already fantastic season of the show. I am beyond thankful for you all for listening and following along on the journey. Season 2 has been packed with so many amazing moments and Nerd Culture topics. From The Witcher to The Mandalorian, to Women in Nerd Culture, and even to The History of Mario; Season 2 was amazing. It couldn't happen without you all. Whether you listened to the show or shared info on social media, you made this an amazing season. I can't wait to continue the journey with you next year in Season 3.

In Season 3, Rev is joining the show and there will be more guests and more crossovers. In the off season, we will be continuing the spin off show The Road So Far, a show all about the CW hit show Supernatural. Also, at the BadCastCompany Productions Patreon page, there will be more shows joining Mando Mondays. We will be introducing three new shows. WandaVision Wednesdays, Movie Mania, and We're Toying With You. In these Patreon exclusive shows, you will hear a mixture of The BadCastCompany Boys talking different movies, collectibles, pops, WandaVision, and much more. To find out how to be a Patreon member, visit Patreon for more information. I am very thankful for you Nerds. See you next season. Cheers To Ya!

-Tyler Mac-

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