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X-Men: Dark Phoenix

So we went to see X-Men: Dark Phoenix in theatre opening weekend, and boy do we have a lot to say on it. Below will be some positives and a whole lot of negatives. If you agree or disagree with anything, you can let us know at


-The fight sequences were great. We would argue that they are some of the best fight sequences of the past few X-Men movies. The train fight was visually great and had some fan service to each mutant's moment in the battle. The street fight trying to get to Jean was also visually satisfying also.

-The performances were good. Sophia was good as Jean and, of course, James and Michael were brilliant as Xavier and Magneto.

Negatives: Performances and fight scenes cannot save a bad movie:

-CONTINUITY!!!!! This movie continued to destroyed even more continuity in the franchise. First big problem is it's a connected timeline to the X-Men of the early 2000's, BUT you kill off Mystique 15 minutes into the movie?! Yet in 8 years, she is running around with Magneto and The Brotherhood. Second big problem is you haven't aged Xavier and Magneto, yet expect us to believe that in 8 years, they will be Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan?! They looked the exact same that they did in First Class that took place 30 YEARS BEFORE THIS MOVIE!!!! Third big problem is The for instance in Age of Apocalypse, Jean literally becomes The Phoenix to kill Apocalypse! Yet, in Dark Phoenix, the story states that this is her first time encountering The Phoenix Force....FALSE! Fourth big problem...The Villains sucked! Out of ALL the X-Universe Villains, you use this terrible alien force that NOBODY knows a thing about going into it? You could have used Sinister, Omega Red, MAGNETO could have been the big bad better than this terrible alien race that looks like Groot. Fifth bad spent over two years and pushed it back and mismanaged one of the best storylines in the X-Universe YET AGAIN!

Again, these are our opinions as Nerds. If you agree or disagree, let us know.

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